Rules & Regulations

Dear Guests,

We would like to warmly welcome you to the Eifelpark Gondorf.

We wish you relaxing and lovely hours in our adventure park. To make this possible for all guests, we ask you to please not only be considerate of other park users at all times, but also to observe and follow the general terms and conditions and guidelines listed below which you bindingly acknowledge when entering and being in the Eifelpark:

1. Admission
Upon purchasing an entry ticket, Eifelpark visitors recognise these park rules and regulations. Access to the park is only possible with a valid ticket which has to be kept throughout the duration of the stay and to be produced upon request. The validated ticket is only valid on the day of issue and, when leaving the park, the ticket expires. Entry can be refused to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or exclusion from the park imposed.

2. Parking
In our car parks, the Road Traffic Regulations (Straßenverkehrsordnung – STVO) apply. Please park your car in the designated parking areas. If your car severely hampers other users, we will have the vehicle towed away at your cost and risk. The Eifelpark assumes no liability for damages incurred by third parties or force majeure. The car park is not to be used outside the opening times.

3. Safety Regulations
– Please ensure that the staff’s instructions are always obeyed.
– Dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the entire park.
– For your own safety, only the designated trails or paths in the area should be used.
Fences and barriers must not be transgressed.
– Fire regulations must be observed. Particularly prohibited are the starting of fires, as well
as smoking in all the buildings.
– The carrying or use of weapons or dangerous objects of any kind is prohibited.
– The noisy operation of MP3 players or other recorders is prohibited.

4. Feeding the Animals
Public feedings of the animals take place daily. Feeding animals with brought-along food, or indeed food purchased in any of the eateries, is prohibited in the interests of animal health. At the locations where the feeding of the animals is allowed for visitors, you will find appropriate animal feeders by the enclosures.

5. Use of the Facilities and Attractions
Please refer to the user rules regulations and the instructions of the staff. In case of violation, you may be excluded from the use of the attractions or facilities (no refund would be given). You are liable for any deliberate damage to the equipment. The use of play equipment and playgrounds, etc., are solely at your own risk. In case of the failure or stoppage of an attraction, no refund of the entry price will be given.

6. Duty of Supervision
We urge parents and accompanying adults to please fulfil their supervisory duties carefully. Children under 14 years of age are not allowed to visit the park unless accompanied by an adult supervisor. For children older than 14 years of age, we strongly recommend such an accompaniment. The accompanying person/s are responsible for any damage caused by their charges.

7. Liability Limitations
We are only liable for damages that are due to the intent and gross negligence of our staff, we are definitely not liable for any articles guests bring with them. This also applies to any intrusion into the existing lockers. Our lost property office is located in the office at the main entrance.

8. Damage Report / Notification of Claim
If there should be any damage, it must be reported at the office by the main entrance when leaving the park, as otherwise a claim for compensation is not possible.

9. Advertising & Promotion of Goods & Services
as well as the conducting of surveys on the grounds of the park and on the car park is only allowed with the prior express written permission of the Eifelpark’s management.

10. Films & Photography
Film and photo shoots for advertising purposes are frequently carried out in the Eifelpark. If you do not want any of your own photos, films etc., which you have taken to be used later, please avoid the respective areas. Otherwise, we assume that use will be permitted free of charge.

We would like to thank you for taking notice of our guidelines and wish you a lovely day in Eifelpark Gondorf!