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Our picture archive provides press photos free of charge for use in conjunction with editorial texts about the Eifelpark.

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Photography in Eifelpark

Photography in the park is generally allowed.

Images integrated into an editorial contribution are not subject to any fees. Please send us a specimen copy or send us the web link.

Images for private use are not subject to any fees.

Images for commercial use (e.g. for calendars, postcards, catalogues, etc.) require written approval from the Eifelpark (Executive) and are subject to a commercial photography fee.

Eifelpark Logos

Eifelpark Logo 2019

• Eifelpark Gondorf Logo >DOWNLOAD

Press photos

Eifelpark Jahresmotiv 2020
• Jahresmotiv 2020 – Hochformat >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark Jahresmotiv 2020
• Jahresmotiv 2020 – Querformat >DOWNLOAD

• Sommerrodelbahn Eifel-Coaster >DOWNLOAD

• Achterbahn Käpt’n Jacks Wilde Maus >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Wildwasserbahn Pirateninsel
• Neu: Wildwasserbahn Pirateninsel >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Gondorfer Piratenschlacht
• Gondorfer Piratenschlacht >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Pony Express
• Pony-Express >DOWNLOAD

• Purzel und Tatze mit Besuchern >DOWNLOAD

• Sommerrodelbahn Eifel-Coaster >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Tatzes Boxautos
• Tatzes Boxautos >DOWNLOAD

• Eifel-Piste >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Pferdekarussell
• Pferdekarussell >DOWNLOAD

• Wellenrutsche >DOWNLOAD

Eifelpark | Kettenkarussell
• Kettenkarussell >DOWNLOAD

• Braunbär >DOWNLOAD

• Braunbär >DOWNLOAD

• Braunbär badet >DOWNLOAD


• Mufflon >DOWNLOAD

• Wildgehege >DOWNLOAD

• Rotwild >DOWNLOAD

• Wildtiere füttern >DOWNLOAD

• Piraten Schatzsuche >DOWNLOAD

• Purzel mit Besuchern >DOWNLOAD

• Steinwild >DOWNLOAD

• Ziegen-Babys >DOWNLOAD