Booster Platzhirsch

The Platzhirsch turns you on your head

NOW OPEN: Get the ultimate kick in the Eifelpark

The brand-new Booster propeller carousel is the first overhead ride in the park!.

Two gondolas, each with eight passengers, swing freely at the ends of the rotating main arm. At the beginning of the ride, the gondolas sway comfortably, and then, with increasing speed, the centrifugal forces drive a large, spectacular looping up to a height of 50 meters.

The top dog offers ergonomically shaped bucket seats with a great feeling of freedom thanks to freely hanging legs. The padded shoulder straps with additional safety belts offer maximum safety and let you enjoy the ride carefree.

During the boarding process, the passengers in the already loaded gondola can enjoy the magnificent view over the valley station. When exiting after the trip, the guests of the gondola are at the other end of the main arm.

Look forward to the new thrill adventure in Eifelpark Gondorf!

Technical specifications

Total height: 50 meters
Top speed: 90 km/h
Revolutions per minute: up to 10
Maximum g-forces: 3.7g
Manufacturer: Funtime