Kinderspielplatz Eifelpark

Children’s Playground

A Playground for the Very Young

Across from our new restaurant in the Eifel National Park, there is a playground for the very young. Crawling tubes, mini-slides and hanging bridges invite the little ones to explore. Here the younger visitors can let their urge to move and their joy of discovery run free. Parents have a perfect view of this playground from the restaurant terrace. The fresh coffee here invites you to linger.

Children’s Playground

Behind the new restaurant on the Tatzenplatz, there is another playground to explore. With a sun-protected sand area, swings, hammocks and balancing equipment, children can creatively design their own playtime independently and on their own initiative.

Safety Note

  • A Playground for the Very Young: Suitable for children from 1,5 years of age
  • Children’s Playground: Suitable for children from 3 years of age