Eifel Express


All aboard! The leisurely ride with the Eifel Express through the Eifelpark’s extensive wildlife park is well worth it: For families with small children who do not want to have to tackle the whole way through the deer park, or for visitors who are not so good on foot, the cosy Eifel Express offers the opportunity to take a ride.

In about 30 minutes, it takes guests past all the attractions and goes through the Eifelpark’s game enclosures, thus giving everyone a wonderful overview of the truly amazing adventure park in Rhineland-Palatinate. Guests are free to get out and back in again at the individual stations.

A tip for people with disabilities

In the Eifel Express, there are special seats on which disabled people and their assistants have preferred transport rights. Our staff will be pleased to help you further.

Safety Note

up to 120 cm accompanied by an adult