Schulklassen Eifelpark

Kindergarten & School Classes

Eifelpark – the perfect destination for a Kindergarten or school class trip to the Eifel!
Animals, nature and great rides – a hiking day entices visitors out into the open and is the ultimate thing for a trip with school pupils. In the Eifelpark, there are numerous ways to combine education and fun in the educational sense. Let the lessons for one day be an unforgettable experience. The Eifelpark really is the perfect destination for school groups.

During a tour of the beautiful wildlife park, your group can discover a number of wildlife species. From panoramic plateaus, the animals can be observed particularly well and the children can study the behaviour of the wild animals. Detailed information is available to your class by means of the display boards which are to be found by the respective animal enclosures. Similarly, the daily animal feeding is an unforgettable experience for school classes especially as the children learn a lot about the behaviour of the animals being fed. There is also the opportunity to personally ask questions to the animal keeper.

Admission Prices:

Kindergarten groups are offered a special price of only € 10,00 per person.
School classes enjoy the special price of only € 15,00 per person.

These special prices only apply to state-recognised schools and on regular schooldays (not at the weekends, on public holidays, or in the school holidays).

Per 10 paying Kindergarten children/school pupils, one educator/teacher is given free admission (i.e. from 11 paying Kindergarten children/school pupils, two educators/teachers enter free of charge; from 21, three educators/teachers, and so on). Each additional educator/teacher receives the reduced admission charge. Free admissions are not transferable to the school pupils.

Please register the day trip for schools and Kindergartens with us at least one day prior to your visit to the park (via the online registration form or by fax) and bring a Kindergarten or school confirmation with you on the day. The reduced admission rate can only be granted upon presentation of the confirmation from the respective establishment to the group ticket office in the Eifelpark office.

>> pdf download: Kindergarten / School Confirmation

To register your school class, please send an e-mail to or use the German-language contact form.

To register your kindergarten, please send an e-mail to or use the German-language contact form.

In order to make the planning of a school trip to the amusement/adventure park a little easier, we have put together some tips and information for educators and teachers:

Admission for groups will be collected at the office at the main entrance. It will be much quicker if the group leaders know the exact number of participants and have the pre- counted money available (please use the largest possible denomination of banknotes, no coins). EC payment is possible, too.

Telephone numbers:
Please give your mobile phone number to your carers / educators / teachers, children and pupils or leave it at the office so you can be reached in an emergency.

Meeting Point:
It is useful to arrange a meeting point before entering the Eifelpark (e.g. at the main entrance, in or by the restaurant, etc.).

Particularly on days when there are many guests, rucksacks and bags are very often confused (the popular blue Eastpack rucksack, for example). Therefore our request:

  • Please do not leave any bags unattended by the rides or animals enclosures
  • If you do, please check afterwards that you have picked up the correct bag/rucksack
  • If possible, please leave a slip of paper with your name and mobile phone number in the bag/rucksack