Valley of the Wolves
Valley of the Wolves
Valley of the Wolves

Valley of the Wolves

In the Eifelpark, the most popular wildlife park in Rhineland-Palatinate, a wolf pack lives with seven animals in the “Valley of the Wolves”, a huge, over-a-hectare large, outdoor enclosure with natural caves and a watercourse, as well as a waterfall and numerous trees and shrubs. The wolves in the wildlife park in the Eifel are wonderful to watch from the observation tower.

An exciting highlight is the daily wolf feeding at 2.00pm. Here, you can see the animals and observe their behaviour in the pack very well. The animal keeper talks to the guests about the life of the wolves and tells fascinating stories. The animal feeding is a real experience for every family in our popular animal park near Trier.

Wolves are the wild ancestors of domestic dogs. Compared with these, however, wolves have a longer rump and a higher, but narrower, chest. Depending on where they live, they differ in size and in the colour of their coat.

Wolves live and hunt in packs led by the alpha wolf. The species was once widespread in Europe, but has been largely eradicated in Western and Central Europe.

Wolves look similar to German shepherd dogs, but are more powerful, have longer legs and a shorter neck. Wolves are about 110-140 cm long from the tip of the nose to the bottom and the bushy tail is 30-40 cm long, they can grow to be 65-80 cm high and weigh between 25-50 kg.

As long as they can find enough prey and quiet hiding places to raise their young, wolves can be very good at adapting to different habitats; this is why they can be found in deserts and in the tundra, in forests and along the coast, as well as in the mountains.

The main staple of the wolf are medium to large herbivorous mammals.

Close enough to touch – feeding wolves, bears and lynxes
No family should miss the animal feedings at the adventure park – they are an absolute highlight! When it is time for the feeding-rounds, the Eifelpark visitors accompany the animal keepers to the enclosures of various predators and can observe this fascinating spectacle. There they learn a lot about the behaviour of the animals to be fed. There is also the opportunity to personally ask the animal keeper some questions. The animals have to playfully ‘earn’ their meals and so you can closely watch the food intake and also the social behaviour of the animals – this is an unforgettable experience at the family park in the Eifel.

Feeding wolves, bears and lynxes

All year at 2pm
The meeting point is at the wolf enclosure (Valley of the Wolves)